Abbaye de Pierredon Vineyard

In the village of Saint Rémy, tucked away in a small valley at the heart of the Alpilles mountain range, an Abbey was built in the 11th and 12th century by Chalais monks. This natural backdrop and remarkable building is home to cypress, olive and almond trees, and since 2005, organic vineyards with a selection of traditional Provençal grapes suited to the soil.

As the vineyards developed, wine-making equipment was required of the same high quality as the existing edifice and wine-growing selection.

The dream of bringing the estate back to life took a long time to materialise and required the construction of a new building, distinct from the Abbey, at the heart of the domain’s vines.

The off-white limestone shelves that frame the Alpilles mountain range, proudly breaking away from the Alep pine forests, green oak trees and scrubland, soon inspired the use of solid stone for the construction of this wine-making building. The south-facing side of the core project will be made from solid blocks to show off the traces left by mankind on the Alpilles landscape.

The wine-making processes will take place at the heart of the facility surrounded by more operational tanks, which have been treated in the regional style, similar to Pierredon Abbey and its stone chapel. The whitewashed façades, stone frames and wooden carpentry recall the traditional treatment given to Provençal buildings.

The planned new cellar will include a wine-making tool, intentionally designed to receive grape harvests that trickle down towards the tanks with the help of the terrain’s natural slope; an underground ageing cellar where the wood selected for the barrels will add character to the wines and various storage areas; a closed cellar for equipment and a sales cellar with office areas.

Completed in


Project duration

18 months