Le Carré Noir Restaurant

This project was no ordinary renovation. The only thing that the old restaurant has in common with the new one is its function. Everything, even its name, changed. On the outside, a stone veneer covers the base of this very well-situated building. This new feature was inspired by the neighbouring church and embellishes not only the restaurant and its shaded terrace, but also participates in the urban renewal of the village.

Inside, levelling out the different floors, pulling down the partition walls that divided the space and removing the dark furnishings unexpectedly revealed a big room flooded with light. The new structure of the building made it possible to open up the kitchen, so that it can be seen from anywhere inside the dining room. The kitchen is not only functional, it has become a feature. Nothing is coincidental, and everything visible was chosen for its utility and for its contribution to the beauty of the place.

The layout of the dining room is in accordance with the presentation of the profession of this coffee merchant, who believes in combining the tasty and the tasteful. The Carré Noir is a restaurant that has the standards of a gourmet restaurant, so as to pamper its clients and promote the image of the company La Maison du Bon Café.

Completed in


Project duration

5 months