Vineyard – Rehabilitation virtual project

Idea: a virtual and innovative approach to follow in real time the restructuring of a vineyard, through a collaborative intelligence approach. This initiative was initiated jointly by Vinea Transaction, a specialist in vineyard transactions since 1991, and Pierre-Olivier Brèche Architectures, an architecture studio created in 2005 in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. An exercise in style that will live live birth of a project from conception to the executed items folder, led by the agency POBA.

Objective: to promote to all actors and specifiers of the wine world a collective and individual expertise, to trigger new business. Staging expertise of companies.

Context: originally, a theoretical problem around the transmission or the transfer: this property exists but is not for sale. The third generation arrives and plans an ambitious and autonomous recovery of the family group to which this domain belongs.

Situational analysis : a vineyard building at the heart of its vineyard, former “granary” of the princes of Orange, located in a dominant position to preserve its environment. 300 m² developed having not undergone real architectural modifications for more than a century. Partially occupied by workers on its south wing, everything is to develop including a large “garage” adjoining a former hayloft. The heart of the building is rich in historical elements: heads of Bacchus, Menade, Fauna, supplemented by fountains, portals and wrought iron grilles. A former water tower has been enhanced with a neo-papal crown in the shape of machicolation. The cellar is non-existent; currently the grapes are vinified on a central winery positioned on another viticultural entity owned by the family. A very large equipment hangar, of more recent construction, of more than 400 m² adjoins the historic buildings without crushing them. It can ideally host the wine cellar and breeding which is entirely to conceptualize. The strategic, marketing and commercial plan is a blank sheet. The wines are currently marketed in bulk at a national and international qualitative trade.

Characteristics :
“Heritage” project : academic bias, conservative, respectful of a local architectural tradition, in strict compliance with the specifications of the appellation.
“3.0” project : avant-garde, innovative and even futuristic bias, combining bold architecture and technological innovation.

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